Welcome to Synthaesia:

This software is a visualization of the most popular music at My primary goal of this project is to express a beautiful art through the data and reveal interesting patterns. The software analyzes the popularity and recheability of the top artists and generates a connectivity graph based on the degree of similarity between artists. This graph is used to explore and discover music of interest. It is also a synthesizer that provides functionality to preview songs and animate graph and visual elements using the beats and frequencies of the song. Check out the video below for more and there're links to the applet and stand-alone versions below. Please send feedback and questions to:

Click here to launch the applet
NOTE: the browser-based is an applet, so it will require you to accept the security warning because it needs to connect to retrieve preview data of selected songs. If you have issues running the applet, then please consider downloading the stand-alone specific versions below

PC: Synthaesia for PC only
Mac: Synthaesia for Mac only
Linux: Synthaesia for Linux only

Data Source:
The main data set for this visualization comes form The direct link to the data set is:

I spend a considerable amount of time digesting and analyzing the data to develop the design and the software The result is pleasing to me, and I hope to you to.